How Search Has Changed Marketing

January 22, 2018 at 11:41 am by admin | Posted in Uncategorized

As defined by the Chartered Institute of Marketing, marketing consists of “identifying, anticipation and satisfying customer requirements profitably.” That definition doesn’t change as business moves online.

But while the core elements of marketing remain the same, it is no secret that customer behavior is shifting. We frequently turn to online sources for things we used to get offline—from news and local directories to television shows, music and movies. This evolution means that the expectations of your potential customers and their methods of interacting with you may be different than before. For instance, they may expect support online, whereas before they may have looked for an 800-number.

This shift also means that traditional forms of advertising don’t have the reach that they used to have. If 10 million fewer people are reading the printed newspaper in 2009 than 2008, then 10 million fewer people are seeing your print ads. If people are throwing away Yellow Pages books, then none of those people are seeing your Yellow Pages directory listing.

Savvy marketers are transferring spending to online advertising—particularly paid search—but they haven’t yet started to take full advantage of the 80 percent of clicks that organic search produces.

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