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Don’t hire 10 to design your website

In 90s, we might need to hire 5 to change a light bulb… 4 to spin the table below, then 1 to twist the light bulb above. Now we need only 2, possibly 1… Both go and get a long & ‘heavy’ aluminum ladder, then 1 climb up to get the job done. Then the one below “hm… I like the yellowish light tone!”

So…! If some ‘old-school-living-in-the-90s’ web design firm tells you that they’re looking for tens of thousands Ringgit to design a ‘custom’ website for you, and claims that they aren’t any “one-man-show” or “one-leg-kicker” firm out there… and emphasized that they need to bear salary for 10 mans in the design team to “make sure the job deliver”,

Then be extra careful!

Because the situation might be 5 ‘chairman’ tell the 4 ‘table-spinner’ which direction the table should spin, and the 1 pathetic do’er to twist the light bulb (for you)! 😛

All you need is 2-3, a web programmer and a web designer

A web designer whose up to the job, have good design sense and able to give advices when choosing a web template. And who knows HTML/CSS markup language to update logo, change color, and insert page’s content and etc for you.

A web programmer to write some scripts for your website like blog, product’s catalog, poll, Facebook Page (landing page), and etc.

The 3rd man probably is, you! Your role & mission is important… to bring in traffic! If you aren’t a web marketing guy, the simplest method you could use is Google Adwords. Spend RM100 per month, they should sent good amount of traffic; at least you can get few email/phone enquiries from web searchers regard “do you provide delivery service from Kuala Lumpur to Seremban?”

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